Extra Curricula


A number of extra-curricular activities are offered across Academies to support students’ academic achievement where they demonstrate a particular flair or interest in certain subjects.<br />


Creative talents in music, art, dance, creative writing and drama are features of our Academy extra-curricula programmes. These nurture students’ talent and imagination to support self-expression and creativity.<br />


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‘Action’ identifies the range of activities which include physical activity and team participation. These can include not only participation in individual and team sports but also taking part in expeditions and in local or international projects.<br />


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‘Service’ is a fundamental part of the Academies programmes and this encompasses a host of community and social service activities.<br />


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Music education can play a vital role in your child’s development, as it helps to improve self-confidence, concentration, and memory, while also enhancing communication, language and reasoning skills. Studies have also shown how the enjoyment of learning an instrument can even increase your child’s IQ, and help them achieve higher grades in core subjects including English and mathematics.<br />
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