The mission of Palmrock International School is to deliver high quality international education that is infused with the Nigerian, American and British curricula to students in a stimulating, challenging, technologically superior, and caring environment. We aim to provide opportunities for students to achieve their full potential and at the same time teach those skills that will make them hardworking and responsible citizens.


Our strategic vision is to provide the highest quality of education which is comparable with those in the best institutions in the world. Hence, enabling us to produce high quality graduates who will control all aspect of global development and take the global economy to the next level.


1. To provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum relevant and responsive to individual and societal need and which is built on previous educational experience.

2. Enables student to maximize their academic potentials in an environment devoid of destruction and prepares student for life-long learning.

3. To foster positive partnership between the home and the school and ensuring students engage in community and volunteer services.

4. To develop and encourage self esteem, self confidence, self discipline and self reliance.

5. To recognize, promote and celebrate personal and collective achievemement.

6. To promote student moral, personal and social wellbeing.

7. To support staff professional development and their career satisfaction