Students are set, within the three parallel bands, according to their Key Stage 2 results. Movement between set, if necessary, will occur in the first, second and third term. Your Mathematics work in Year 7 will build on and extend the work you have done in your Primary School. Most of the work will involve using mathematical methods to solve problems. All the work is based on the National Curriculum and topics covered include Decimals, Algebra, Statistics, Symmetry, Number pattern, Arithmetic, 3-D Shapes, Probability, Angles, Scale- drawing, Area and Perimeter, Fractions and Unit of Length. Units of work will follow the school themes contributing to and supporting the cross-curricular links. We do expect good standards of effort and presentation: and homework will be set each week to reinforce the work done in class. To further support the work completed in class, students can use [url=][/url], [url=][/url] , Whiteboard maths and Math watch to access tutorials and online homework. Key maths text books are used to support the course and there will be an assessment towards the end of each half term. Basic equipment must be brought to all lessons-failure to bring correct equipment and books leads to considerable problems and disadvantage to students.