At Palmrock international, ICT students are encouraged to develop lifelong skills which include:

  • the ability to understand and implement new and emerging technologies within a business environment.
  • the ability to analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems.
  • the skills to impact which the new technologies on business processes and the social activities, economic and ethical issues associated with them.
  • get awareness of the ways ICT can help in practical and work-related scenarios. Here they will be exposed to Microsoft Office suite and their applications in the present world of technology using common scenarios.

Assessment procedures

  • Practical skills: to demonstrate their ability to use a range of software packages in practical and work-related contexts. (60%)
  • Knowledge and understanding: to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the structure of ICT systems, the roles of these systems in organisations and their impact on society. (40%)

The final examination is done in year 11 after the completion of the IGCSE syllabus. Students can achieve pass, merit and distinction (A* - C) based on the threshold for the year.
Students are taught in a mixed ability class and have 3 lessons per week.