The school will normally send home notices, letters, and the school Newsletter through whatsapp or with the students. Please be sure to check your child’s bag, or ask the students for school messages, and check our whatsapp group daily. The school will occasionally send home important notices via SMS, so please check your cell phones. The homeroom teacher will many times communicate with parents through writing in the TCIS assignment book, so please check the assignment book daily. In case of any academic or behavioral problems with their child at the school, the parent should first and foremost discuss the issue with the teacher involved.

After consultation, discussion, and time given for resolution then the parents of a secondary student may wish to discuss the matter with the Secondary Vice Principal; and the parents of grade PK – 5 students may wish to discuss the matter further with the Elementary Principal for a final resolution of a problem. Please see the Registrar in regard to student admission or withdrawal procedures as well as for car stickers and registration. Please see the Head of Accounts/accounts office in regard to fees, payments, and billing. Please see the Head of Administration with any immediate concerns in regard to security, facilities up-keep or cleanliness. Please see the Activities Director in regard to after-school or any special school activities.