All absences are noted. If a child is to be absent because of illness or any reason, please send a note or call the appropriate division school secretary. Please realize that no more than 10% of the total number of school days can be missed (this works out to be approximately 18 days in one school year). Students may be subject to retention or be recommended for expulsion for excessive absenteeism. In cases of severe illness or other relevant circumstances, the student’s parents may apply for a waiver from the appropriate division principal. The decision to grant a waiver will be considered based on whether the absence will detrimentally affect the student’s ability to successfully return for the school’s programs. Students have one day for each day of excused absence to make up all work missed, and that work is given full credit.

Any school work missed during an absence because of suspension must be made up by the student. Except in the case of long-term projects, no credit will usually be given for this work. Students who miss classes as a result of participation in school sponsored activities are not considered absent for that day or part of the day and must also make up any work missed and will be given credit. For any absence, parents are asked to provide a note in advance, if at all possible. If this is not possible, then a note is to be provided upon the child’s return to the Palmrock International School office that describes the reason for the absence.

After an absence, the student is responsible for meeting with their teachers to get their assignments so that they can make up all the work missed. Families should schedule doctor and other appointments after school hours or when school is not in session. When this is not possible, parents may request that their child be excused from school for several hours. Such a request must be made in writing to the Secondary Vice-Principal for secondary students or the Elementary Principal for Grade PK - 5 students at least one day in advance. For any classes missed as a result of appointments, the student must make up all worked missed. Absences resulting from truancy may result in disciplinary action. Continued truancy will result in a recommendation to the School Board that the student be expelled from school.